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iBasso DX150 Review

The iBasso DX150 is a high resolution music player made by the China based manufacturer iBasso. The 10 year old company has great experience of developing good music players, and already is popular for their previous makes DX90 and DX50.

Build Quality

The DX150is a thick and sturdy DAP. The device is thicker than the average smartphones, and can in no way be called sleek or slim. It may feel like bulky for the pockets initially, and the user may take time to adjust to the thickness. It’s good that it has soft rounded edges, thereby making the feel and grip smooth at the edges. The body is apparently scratch resistant and if that isn’t good enough for your needs, it comes with a nice, slim, good looking case.

Physical Layout

There are three outputs, which are 3.5 mm TRS, 3.5 mm Line, and 2.5 balanced mm TRRS. A SDXC compatible microSD slot is present at the left side of the DAP. The control buttons for playing, pausing, rewind and forward are present at the right side of the DX150. At the top portion of the DAP, there is the C-port for USB. The base of the player can be unscrewed to swap the amp.


The screen has an amazing crisp resolution for 768 x 1280 in the player. This makes it very good for crystal clear images and looks very nice to eyes. Just like the high definition music, the DX150 is as good in high definition images.


The interface of the DX150 uses is a custom version of Android. The version used is Marshmallow. The OS by version may seem technically backdated; however on comparison with interface and OS of other players, it looks absolutely beautiful, iBasso really outdid themselves with the interface. Clean, simple and practical. You’ll wish every DAP was like this.

This means you’ll be able to use third party like Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, etc. apps to play music. It may not be as fast as the FiiO M11 but the performance is good enough.

Battery Life

Just like most music players, the DX150 also has the same formula for battery life. The mire bigger files and higher amp modules played, the sooner it would drain. 9 hours of battery can be expected as a standard, however you may get 6 hours of music too if usage is heavier depending on the file being played.


The iBasso DX150 is a nice DAP, you’ll love the interface and the sound quality is amazing. For $500 it may not be the best option, taking into account we have the FiiO M11, but it’s one of the best alternatives on the market. Definitely worth considering while liking for a DAP around this price range.

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