FiiO FA7 Review

The FiiO FA7 are FiiO’s high end, balanced armature only IEM. Using sophisticated 3D printing technology and 4 BA drivers, the FA7 present a high quality lightweight casing, and amazing sound.

Build Quality & Design

The quality is pretty nice, as expected from FiiO. The plastic build may mislead some into thinking they’ll feel cheap. We’re glad to announce this is not the case, as the 3D printing technology FiiO used in the making of these is astonishingly good. As soon as you pick them up you’ll feel the high quality build of the FA7. The transparent, red and blue casing of the FA7 (perfect for distinguishing left and right) is good looking to say the least.

While from afar, you may think they’re the same as the FA1, once you have them in your hand you’ll notice the difference. Unlike the FA1, the FA7 aren’t completely colored. Only the outer face has the red and blue design over a nice diamond-like pattern on the basic design, but, if you prefer the looks of the FA1, you can also pick the FA7 in a design that resembles it’s little brother.


Just as most FiiO’s IEMs, the FA7 fit is really comfortable. The cable is amazingly good. Not on the level of the Tin T3’s cable but close enough. The size is average and, because of the 3D printed case, they’re also light. We didn’t have any problems putting these in our ears, so most likely you won’t have any problems while using these.

Driver Configuration

Unlike the FH line from FiiO, the FA line uses only balanced armature drivers. While the FA1 has only 1 BA driver, the FA7 has 4 BA drivers (8 total).

The FA7 are equipped with 4 way crossover, using a CI-22955, ED-29689, and a dual BA SWFK-31736 (everything from Knowles).

Sound Quality

If you’re a bass head, these are absolutely for you. Thanks to the CI-22955 driver, the FA7 manages to deliver amazing sound on the low frequencies. They’re even better the the FH5. “So, what about he soundstage?” Well, not much. Unlike the FH5, they’re a bit narrow, which, doesn’t have anything wrong, because the intense base the FA7 are able to produce, goes perfectly well with the narrow soundstage and the detailed and accurate sound you’ll hear.


At $300 USD price, the FA7 managed to surprise us. The built quality wasn’t what we expected to come from plastic IEMs, it was infinitely better, but, the real highlight of the FA7 is the breathtaking sound quality. These redefine what a “bassy” IEM means. Managing to deliver an astonishing bass while keeping clear miss and highs like no other IEM.

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